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Choosing the thermal ribbon to make specific sign for your adhesive label

By using colour thermal transfer ribbons, manufacturers can easily differentiate between different types of chemicals, ensuring proper handling and safety precautions. Whether it's a warning label or a product description, variable data printing make chemical packaging stand out with clarity and pro

2024 04-18
What's the difference between ribbon coding machine and inkjet printer?

Ribbon coding machines and inkjet printers are both used for printing on various surfaces, but they operate using different mechanisms and technologies. Here are the main differences between the two:1. **Printing Technology**: - **Ribbon Coding Machine**: This type of machine uses a thermal transf

2024 03-28
Celebration of National Day, holiday notice

To celebrate the upcoming National Day, the holiday will be from September 29th to October 7th.Normal work on October 8th.Happy China National Day.Henan ABLE tech CO., LTD.

2023 09-27
How to add Mfg Date, Expiry Date & Batch No. on Items

What kind of coding machine should be used in different industriesIt can be said that the emergence of the coding machine, greatly facilitating our lives, in every industry can be used, coding a variety of effects are also seen everywhere, mainly used as a production, date, batch number, bar code an

2023 07-13
What is the principle of TTO printer?

The printed content is generated through software and can be edited with characters, numbers, letters, images, etc. The specific printing content can be expressed in the form of batch number, team, batch, third phase, ingredient table, nutritional ingredient table, barcode (variable), and QR code (v

2023 07-05
What are the different types of printing ribbons?

Wax-based ribbonExcellent printing quality and good versatility, saturated printing color, very strong abrasion resistance, strong stability.Suitable for printing: coated paper, thermal paper, writing paper, kraft paper, hangtags, price tags.Wax-Resin Mixed base ribbonExcellent printing effect, can

2023 06-15
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Can laser printer print QR codes?

For different materials need to apply different laser marking machine1. Wood, fabric, acrylic, paper, plastic, leather, PVC and other non-metallic materials generally source with CO2 laser marking machine2. Aluminum, copper, gold, silver, aluminum oxide, stainless steel, galvanized bai, zinc alloy a

2023 05-30
coding foil.png
What the different of coding foil and barcode ribbon?

Coding ribbon and barcode ribbon are widely used in the production, but they have their own differences, so what is the difference between them, here we go to understand:  Coding ribbon, also known as thermal printing ribbon or thermal transfer ribbon, belongs to the ribbon coder printing material,

2023 05-19
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