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How to add Mfg Date, Expiry Date & Batch No. on Items

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How to add Mfg Date, Expiry Date & Batch No. on Items

What kind of coding machine should be used in different industries

It can be said that the emergence of the coding machine, greatly facilitating our lives, in every industry can be used, coding a variety of effects are also seen everywhere, mainly used as a production, date, batch number, bar code and so on. But what kind of coding machine should be used in different industries? The following with our BEST packaging together to see.

Coding machine classification:

Now commonly used coding machine can be divided into: ribbon coding machine, ink wheel coding machine, pneumatic coding machine, inkjet printer, laser coding machine and so on.

Coding machine applications:

1, ribbon coding machine has manual and electric two kinds. Applicable to food, medicine, daily chemical industry. Applicable to a variety of plastic bags, plastic film, plastic products and so on. Print the year, month and day, expiration date, batch number and so on. Using consumables is ribbon, easy and clean operation. Suitable for small-scale use.

2, ink wheel coding machine for medicine, food, cosmetics, hardware and other labels, plastic bags, date, batch number, shelf life printing and other industries, a variety of flexible packaging cartons, labels, certificates of compliance, paper, plastic bags, aluminum foil bags and other materials surface coding. Consumables used in the ink wheel, that is, to achieve the effect of using ink, but also clean and sanitary. Suitable for small-scale batch use.

3,Intelligent, multi text application for online editing of TTO printers

The body adopts application software, which can edit qr codes, text and other content that needs to be printed online.

Paired with corresponding systems, online coding can be achieved, suitable for the requirement of one item per code, applied in fields such as food, medicine, pesticides, etc

4, inkjet printer for medicine, food, cosmetics, hardware and other industries, the label, plastic bottles, date, batch number, shelf-life printing and other industries on a variety of packaging code. Consumables are expensive, suitable for use in large enterprises.

5, laser coding machine marking is a permanent mark that can not be erased, it is through the laser directly on the surface of the object instantaneous vaporization and become, easy for consumers to identify. And no supplies, maintenance is more convenient.

Through understanding, we can initially know the classification and application of the coding machine, consumers can choose according to the different use of the environment to improve production efficiency.

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