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Choosing the thermal ribbon to make specific sign for your adhesive label

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Choosing the thermal ribbon to make specific sign for your adhesive label

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Before you start looking at thermal transfer ribbons, it’s important to know exactly what you’ll be exposing your label to. Different factors can cause the print to wear down faster, which means you’ll need more durable ribbon material. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Temperature: Different thermal ribbon materials have different melting points, which affects how well the resulting print holds up to heat. If your label is going to be exposed to constant high temperatures, make sure to plan accordingly.

  • Weather: Rain, snow and even sun can wear down your print over time, which is why you need to make sure your print will be able to handle it. For example, if your label will be used outdoors in an area with regular rain, you’ll need to choose a ribbon that produces water-resistant or waterproof print.

  • Handling: Some thermal print is more prone to scuffing, fading and wearing down over time. If you expect people to be constantly handling your labels, it may be better to go with a more durable ribbon material.

  • Contaminants: Things such as dirt, grease, oil and different chemicals can wear down your print. You might not be able to account for every potential contaminant, but a general knowledge of what to expect can go a long way.

  • Budget: The deciding factor in choosing your thermal transfer ribbon will always be your budget. Your ribbons will be used up over time, meaning you’ll need to purchase new ones as long as you use the thermal transfer print method. Will your budget allow for more expensive ribbon materials, or are you working with limited funds?

By using colour thermal transfer ribbons, manufacturers can easily differentiate between different types of chemicals, ensuring proper handling and safety precautions. Whether it's a warning label or a product description, variable data printing make chemical packaging stand out with clarity and professionalism.

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