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What the different of coding foil and barcode ribbon?

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What the different of coding foil and barcode ribbon?

Coding ribbon and barcode ribbon are widely used in the production, but they have their own differences, so what is the difference between them, here we go to understand:

Coding ribbon, also known as thermal printing ribbon or thermal transfer ribbon, belongs to the ribbon coder printing material, suitable for printing the production date, batch number and the necessary text label on the product soft packaging film. It has easy to use, clear handwriting, not easy to fall off, fast drying, etc.. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, packaging and other industries. And a good ribbon, which can protect the print head, produces an effect that can be accurately attached to the top of the paper, not easy to spread, and not easy to fall off. It is widely used in general labels; shipping, warehouse and receiving labels; casing and packaging labels; shipping and address labels; retail labels and hang tags; apparel labels: electronic labels, etc.

printer ribbon

The barcode ribbon is a special consumable for barcode machine, it is covered with a layer of toner, when printing, the print head heat toner will be transferred to the self-adhesive label, this process is called thermal transfer method, the barcode ribbon is generally a general printer that is commonly used supplies for needle printers, the barcode ribbon is used with the thermal transfer printer, presenting a roller shape.

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