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What are the different types of Heat Sealers?

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What are the different types of Heat Sealers?

Henan ABLE tech provides a variety of packaging machinery and supplies

The principle of the sealing machine: the upper and lower layers of the packaging bag (such as Tyvek and plastic film, or two layers of aluminum-plastic tape) are bonded together when the sealing machine is heated Purpose.

In order to facilitate the display of the date at the same time of sealing, we can provide ink wheel coding and sealing machine and ribbon coding and sealing machine.

sealing machine

For different bagged items, we also provide nitrogen filling and sealing machines- to prevent the items from being exposed to oxygen for a long time; and suction sealing machines.

Welcome to contact me to customize the sealing machine for your product or seek accessories and other services.

like hot stamp ribbon/ink roller etc.

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