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What is the principle of TTO printer?

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What is the principle of TTO printer?


The printed content is generated through software and can be edited with characters, numbers, letters, images, etc. The specific printing content can be expressed in the form of batch number, team, batch, third phase, ingredient table, nutritional ingredient table, barcode (variable), and QR code (variable). Directly printed on the packaging material, the printing accuracy can reach 300DPI. 

The basic principle is that when the color strip is placed between the inkjet printing head and the assigned product, the inkjet printing head will move a certain distance between the color strip and the product surface. By quickly opening (hot) and closing (cold) these components, the heat from the inkjet printing head is transferred to the color strip, Melt the ink and release adhesion from the bottom of the ribbon to the surface of the product to cool and form pre edited content using software.

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