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TTO printer A3


Smart date coder A5(53mm)

Intelligent print head drive technology without compressed air, faster response, higher frequency, more stable, consistentprinting quality, Can greatly increase print head life and avoid operator over-adjustment of air pressure and solenoid valves.

it can be matched with various packaging eguipment, such as pilow packaging machine, vertical packaging machine, labelingmachine, bag making machine,rewinding machine, paging machine, modited atmosphere packaging machine, vacuum packagingmachine.etc.

Many-to-many control:

One controller can control multiple coding machines, and one coding machinecan be controlled by multiple contrallers, with no limit on the number.

Printing speed:

Intermittent mode:100-500mm/s;

Continuous mode:50-600mm/s

Print area:

Intermittent mode:32/53mm*75mm

Continuous mode:32/53mm*300mm

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