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Granule Packaging Line
Granule Packaging machine It can be applied for all kind of liquid and solid product packing with flexible filling devices, like coffee powder, tea bag, beverage, yogourt, syrup, detergent, shampoo, etc. The products made by the machine are featured with high strength of seal, good reliability, and good appearance
Package product
An automatic filling machine guides, organizes, fills, and then releases bottles in an automatic bottle packaging line, such as a filling, capping, and labeling line.
TTO Printer new intelligent print head with automatic setup and dead-dot detection for optimum print quality. The SmartDate printer represents a transparent, advanced coding solution including long term cost control, planet conscious design
This flat top self-adhesive labeling machine suitable for medicine, cosmetic, food and packaging industries, and other flexible materials for rigid packaging or flat surface and the uneven surface of automatic labeling.
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