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Automatic Flat labeling machine

This flat top self-adhesive labeling machine suitable for medicine, cosmetic, food and packaging industries, and other flexible materials for rigid packaging or flat surface and the uneven surface of automatic labeling.

Servo control of the standard system, the German Leuze automatically detect the label stop position and other standard high-end configuration, ensure that the equipment is stable, matching other brands based on actual customer demand.User-friendly touch-screen operator interface, simple and intuitive, fully functional, the English interface conversion flexible, multiple pre-labeling parameters, with production count, parameter adjustment, troubleshooting tips, and other functions.Label with automatic correction function, and has no object no labeling, no standard automatic calibration and automatic detection tag, label and tag to prevent leakage of waste. S304 fuselage and parts are made of stainless steel and surface treated by two advanced aluminum alloy.


Machine Size 2000 (L) × 750 (W) × 1600 (H) mm

Labeling speed 20-200pcs / min (depending on the size of the label to be affixed on the length of the case may be)

Labeling was highly 30-200mm

Labeling was width 20-200mm

Label height 15-110mm

Label length) 25-300mm

Labeling accuracy ± 0.8mm (error except be affixed with the label)

Roll diameter (diameter) 76mm

Roll diameter 350mm

Power: 220V0.75KW50 / 60HZ

Printer gas source: 5Kg / c㎡ standard speed: ≤35 m / min


34 35

Applicable products: Products that need to be labeled on the flat surface, side surface, side large arc surface, circumferential surface or film.

Application industry: widely used in cosmetics, food, toys, daily chemicals, electronics, medicine, medicine, hardware, plastics and other industries.

Application examples: express face sheets, scratch cards, clothing tags, business cards and paper cards, etc.

flat labeling machine flat side labeling machine

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