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Why Snack Food Manufacturers Should Choose TTO Technology

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Why Snack Food Manufacturers Should Choose TTO Technology

6 Reasons Snack Food Manufacturers Should Choose TTO Technology

The traditional coding technology that's so current in the snack food assiduity will lead to gratuitous and prolonged time-out when switching product lines, homemade typesetting, and changing inks. Change starts with choosing the right coding technology. Which technology is best suited to the snack food assiduity's current and unborn requirements? We recommend the cost-effective and innovative thermal transfer( TTO) technology products. Then are 6 reasons why you should choose TTO technology.

1. It allows you to be creative and distinctive

The snack assiduity is largely competitive. TTO technology allows you to say farewell to mellow and boring packaging. It can publish textbook, plates, QR codes and ensigns in large areas, and switch between different rudiments in posterior prints if demanded.

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2. Clear and beautiful printing results

The use of traditional technologies similar as hot stamping can lead to unstable print quality. But with TTO technology, you can make every print up to 300~600 dpi resolution.

3. publish content can be switched incontinently

You understand better than utmost that in the retail assiduity, product traceability is critical. Because TTO is digital technology, you can preload the information you need to publish into memory. This allows the driver to switch and publish information at any time, saving a lot of time compared to a stamping machine that generally takes a minimum of five twinkles to switch.

4. exclude publishing crimes

With hot stamping and comber stamping machines, mortal error is ineluctable when changing print information. TTO allows you to avoid crimes by double- checking with a print exercise before you start publishing.

5. Reduce product line time-out

In an assiduity where high volumes and low gains are needed to turn a profit, functional effectiveness is crucial to business. tto printers generally use lists that are further than twice the length of stamping machines. This means if you use TTO rendering outfit, the number of time-out due to relief of consumables is reduced by at least 50, and strip relief is more accessible.

6. Cheaper TTO lists than hot stamping

TTO outfit with strip saving mode will further reduce the cost and increase your profit.

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