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Which Batch Coding Machine is Best for Your Business?

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Which Batch Coding Machine is Best for Your Business?

Henan ABLE tech has a long-standing commitment to smaller, faster and greener packaging technologies for all types of packaging, from food and beverage manufacturing, to cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and industrial products, to meet customers' marking challenges and needs.

Which Batch Coding Machine is Best for Your Business?

The SmartDate X60, the top of the thermal transfer range, can print high resolution logos at very high speeds and its long-life thermal transfer print head can easily print 350 packs per minute at up to 300 DPI on flexible packaging film.

The SmartDateX60 represents an advanced coding solution with an environmentally friendly design, longer run times and superior performance.

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High performance printing

High quality printing at 1000 mm/s at 300 dpi resolution is easily achieved. tto coder

High quality printing at over 600 mm/sec with all resin ribbons and improved print quality in high standard applications.

The high-speed packaging mode enables faster printing on shorter packages. Price of the coder

Capable of printing unique promotional codes, including QR codes printed directly on individual packages.

Permanent reliability

12 months standard warranty, long service life, industry priority. Coder accessories

Durable design with no wear and tear parts, no preventive maintenance required.

ABLE offers a fast response and a long-term supply of spare parts.

Environmentally friendly design

Save over 20% of ribbon packaging waste.

Air consumption of less than 0.47 ml per print at 3 bar.

Energy saving features save more than 50% of energy consumption.

Cost reduction

Digital ribbon saving printing mode reduces ribbon consumption by more than 20%.

Extremely long life thermal transfer print head.

Wide range of ribbon widths from 20 mm to 55 mm, including ribbons for indirect food contact.

Includes CoLOS? Create 5.0 for simple message design.

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