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What should I know about flexible packaging last?

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What should I know about flexible packaging last?

Product features

The intelligent touch screen controlled TTO thermal transfer coding system is available in two types: intermittent and continuous. The significant advantages are: high performance and low cost; widely used in the printing of flexible packaging in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and automotive parts industry sectors.

1. Core features: long service life, zero maintenance, easy integration into various production packaging equipment; friendly human-machine touch interface is powerful and convenient.

2. Integrated design: highly integrated design, print information is simple and flexible to establish, can be directly input or transferred from USB, greatly meet the needs of enterprises of all types of printing.

3. Wide print range and superior quality: it can meet diverse printing requirements and achieve high speed and efficient production printing of fixed or variable text, data, images, etc.

4. Friendly user interface operation: simple and easy to learn operation, perfect function

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