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What's The benefits of QR code anti-counterfeiting

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What's The benefits of QR code anti-counterfeiting

Two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting is more and more widely used and favored. Both consumers and producers are accustomed to scanning two-dimensional codes. What are the benefits of two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting?

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The biggest difference between QR codes and traditional anti-counterfeiting labels is their scalability. Both consumers and manufacturers have a very good experience. For consumers, QR code anti-counterfeiting technology not only provides anti-counterfeiting technology, but also provides real-time marketing interaction such as point accumulation, point redemption, scratch card lottery, etc. At the same time, combined with mobile marketing, we can achieve the promotion of enterprises, the promotion of new products, and the feedback and collection of information.

The advantage of QR code anti-counterfeiting lies in its convenience and scalability. Two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting uses two-dimensional code as the carrier, breaking the traditional way of checking the authenticity of anti-counterfeiting signs by phone number or mobile phone text message, and opening a new anti-counterfeiting query method.

The two-dimensional code is combined with the anti-counterfeiting database to check the authenticity of the beat code, and the authenticity can be verified without entering the complicated anti-counterfeiting code. At the same time, you can also consider taking care of the original anti-counterfeiting query method. After taking a QR code, enter the corresponding anti-counterfeiting code to verify the authenticity.

Compared with the traditional query method, it is very convenient and fast.

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