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What kind of coding machine should be used in different industries?

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What kind of coding machine should be used in different industries?

It can be said that the appearance of the coding machine has greatly facilitated our life and can be used in every industry. The various effects of coding are also everywhere, mainly used for production, date, batch number, barcode and so on. But what kind of coding machine should be used in different industries? Let's take a look at our logo together.

Coder classification:

Now commonly used coding machines can be divided into: rolling code machine, lettering pen, ribbon coding machine, ink coding machine, ink wheel coding machine, steel printing machine, pneumatic coding machine, metal marking machine, electricity Chemical marking machine, inkjet printer, supervision code, laser coding machine and so on.

Coder application:

As shown in Figure 1, the rotary code machine is a simple coding machine, mainly used for various paper, wood calcium plastic and other packaging surface, Chinese characters, English and Arabic numerals printing supplies. It is ordinary ink, economical and practical.

2, lettering pen is a simple tool like engraving on metal, ceramic, glass, plastic, etc., on the surface of the object.

3, ribbon printers are available in both manual and electric. Applicable to food, medicine, daily chemical and other industries. Suitable for all kinds of plastic bags, plastic film, plastic products, etc. Print the date, the expiration date, the batch number, etc. The consumables are ribbons for easy and clean operation. Suitable for small-scale use.

As shown in Figure 4, the ink coder is also known as a pad printer. It is the date of the factory date of the food, canned food, beverage, cosmetics, electrical appliances, pharmaceuticals and other industries. It can be used for printing on any surface of metal, plastic, glass enamel, film nylon bag and other products. It is ink, the effect is clear, it is troublesome to use, suitable for small-scale use.

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5, ink wheel coding machine is used for medicine, food, cosmetics, hardware and other labels, plastic bag date, batch number, shelf life printing and other industries of various flexible packaging cartons, labels, certificates, paper, plastic bags, aluminum foil bags and other materials Surface coding. The consumables use the ink wheel, which can achieve the effect of using the ink, and is clean and hygienic. Suitable for small-scale batch use.

6, the stamp printing machine is suitable for food, medicine, daily chemical and other carton packaging on the production date, expiration date and production batch number. For thin cardboard and non-absorbent plastic film, the stamp or ink wheel on the aluminum foil bag is coded.

7, pneumatic coding machine is a matching use, is used on other machines

As shown in Fig. 8, the metal marking machine and the electrochemical marking machine are mainly used for printing or engraving a trademark or text machine on a metal product.

9, inkjet printer is used in medicine, food, cosmetics, hardware and other industries, on the label, plastic bottle, date, batch number, shelf life printing and other industries on the outer packaging. Consumables are expensive and suitable for use in large enterprises.

10, the supervision code is a new type of equipment, is the pharmaceutical, government supervision, logistics applications, merchant settlement, one-code, consumer inquiry function agreed. Breaking through the traditional one-class-one-code mechanism, it is uniquely identified for each product and tracked throughout.

11, laser coder is marked with a permanent mark that can not be wiped off, it is directly vaporized on the surface of the object by laser, easy for consumers to identify. And no consumables, maintenance is more convenient.

Through understanding, we can initially know the classification and application of the coding machine. Consumers can choose according to different usage environments when purchasing, and improve production efficiency.

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