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what does a coding machine do?

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what does a coding machine do?

The coding ribbon is a kind of printing consumables that we are familiar with. From the earliest mechanical impact type English printers to later computer dot matrix printers, ribbons are used. The composition of the ribbon is very simple. The working principle of the ribbon is to use the dot matrix striker in the head of the dot matrix printer or the letter striker in the English typewriter to strike the printing ribbon to produce a printing effect on the surface of the printed object.

coding foil

Ribbon coding machine is widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries to print production date, batch number, weight, etc. The machine introduces the Japanese thermal coding technology, uses thermal printing tape instead of ink to print, and can print clear characters on various packaging materials. The machine is easy to use and easy to maintain.


1. The printed handwriting is printed on various printed objects, avoiding ink pollution, and ensuring the cleanliness of hands, machines and printed objects.

2. The printing is clear----using the thermal printing ribbon, the printed handwriting does not need to be dry, and the adhesiveness is strong.

3. Applicable to all kinds of packaging materials ---- PT, PE, KT, OPP, CPP, aluminum foil, plastic paper, heat shrinkable trademarks, various plastic composite films, paper, plastic paper, leather, cloth, color containers, bags , plastic products, etc.

4. Convenience in changing characters ---- There is a special character changing structure (copper block for movable characters) under the hot table, which is convenient for changing movable characters, easy to handle, easy to operate, small in size, compact in structure, reasonable in design and convenient in use.

ribbon coding machine

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