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how to solve the HP241 can't print method?

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how to solve the HP241 can't print method?

Common faults, causes and troubleshooting methods:

The printing is not clear:

1. The temperature is too low / too high

The preheating time should be controlled at about 10 minutes, and it can be adjusted to a high temperature first, and then the best adjustment can be made after the temperature rises.

2. The copper characters are not installed properly

How to adjust the resistance of ribbon feeding?HP241 ribbon

Slightly push inwards printer head on/off handle, at the same time,turn it by90°~180°.Undo hook head and pull out printer head,and unscrew the cooper character locknut on printer head to replace types. The types should be arranged at thesame height without deflection. Never use a metal rod to Knock the types, as it may damage them.(As indicated in the diagram)

3. Can't print words

Reinstall coding ribbon, check heating and circuit board

4. Ribbon deviation

Readjust the guide rod parallelism

5. Ribbon breakage

The temperature is too high or the printing pressure is too high

6.Other questions

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