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How to print your own adhesive label stickers?

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How to print your own adhesive label stickers?

Everyone must be familiar with adhesive label paper, it can be seen everywhere in our lives. There are many types of  adhesive label paper, so what should be paid attention to when customizing  adhesive label paper? Here is a brief explanation of the precautions for customizing self-adhesive label paper.

1. Clarify the purpose of adhesive label paper

Labels processed from  adhesive materials may be applied to various materials such as glass, metal, cardboard, and plastic. And plastics can be further divided into: polyvinyl chloride, high density polyethylene. Tests have shown that different decal surfaces have a large impact on performance. Therefore, when customizing self-adhesive labels, you must decide which material of  adhesive label paper to choose according to the sticking surface of your product.

2. The size of  adhesive label paper

When you are not sure whether the size of the  adhesive label paper is suitable, you must pay attention to the actual test to prevent the product from being ready but not being used.

3. Printing method and processing method of  adhesive label paper

There are many printing methods and processing methods for  adhesive label paper. Before determining the  adhesive material, it should be tested under the same printing, processing and labeling conditions. Whether the adhesive label paper is used outdoors, under high temperature, humidity, or under light containing ultraviolet rays needs to be considered. The choice of final face paper depends on the printing method and customer needs.

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