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How to install Original TTO printer head?

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How to install Original TTO printer head?

After the tto printer has been used for a long time, it is necessary to replace the new print head regularly due to the friction and wear of the ribbon.

Noted that many platforms on the Internet misappropriate our pictures and sell irregular print heads.

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Power off and disconnect the TTO printer.

1. Loosen the six set screws and remove the cover from the printer body.

tto printer head

2. Disconnect the connector from the printer's printed circuit board. Remember the location of the connector.

tto print head

3. Unplug the print head data cable plug, take down the print head bracket as a whole, after replacing the print head, follow the disassembly steps to re-install the bracket in reverse. This replacement mode will not move the print head position, and no need to re-install after replacement Adjust the printer.

NOTE: After replacing the thermal transfer overprinter printed circuit board, the printhead resistance must be re-entered and the tension sensor re-calibrated.

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