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hot ink roll coding machine

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hot ink roll coding machine

The solid ink wheel is a more advanced printing material than ink. With a solid ink wheel, the lettering is clear, the printing is instantaneous and dry, the adhesion is strong, the colours are varied and easy to change, the cost is extremely low and there is no worry about ink pollution.

What colours are available on the ink wheel:

hot ink roll

1: Colours:

White Yellow Red Blue Green Black 

2. What is the common temperature control of the ink wheel:

Applicable temperature range:

10 Low temperature type 121°C - 149°C

33 Medium temperature type 121°C-177°C

39 High temperature type 149°C-177°C

3. Ink wheel specifications:

Model: Dimensions:

Bore Diameter Outer Diameter Height

Φ11 Φ36 16

Φ11 Φ36 32

Φ11 Φ36 40

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