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Application of Thermal Transfer Coding Machine Technology in Baking Industry

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Application of Thermal Transfer Coding Machine Technology in Baking Industry

Now, more and more variable information needs to be printed in the bakery industry. In order to meet the requirements of bakery product packaging, the product must be printed with information such as product batch number and expiration date. Traditional ribbon coders can no longer meet the needs of bakery printing. , bakery companies must consider new logo printing methods.40 (2)

Thermal transfer coder technology is the ideal marking solution for flexible packaging. Thermal transfer printers (TTO) are more advanced technology than traditional analog coding technologies such as hot stamping and roller printing. TTO thermal transfer technology brings digital jet printing technology to many flexible film packaging applications common in the food industry. The printing process is: use a thermal transfer printhead and thermal transfer ribbon to print the code onto a flexible film or label. With this technology, very high-resolution, easy-to-read codes can be created on the packaging, while also ensuring that the sensory quality of packaging film styles and designs is not compromised.

Recently, a Markem-Imaje X40 thermal transfer printer has just been installed in the bakery factory, which is used to print the ingredient list and production date on the bread. The printing effect is very clear and the content is just like printing. Due to the increasing variety of moon cake production, the traditional ink wheel coding method is stretched. Different ingredients have different information, and the characters are repeatedly replaced, which is a waste of time. On the other hand, the printing content is relatively limited. The printing effect is far from hot-loading printing. Therefore, in the domestic large-scale baking industry, such as Tao Laoda, Moulin Rouge, etc., tto has been gradually replaced by the previous ink wheel coding method, which is not only simpler and more convenient, but also has a beautiful effect! Contact me to replace your coding equipment.

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