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What the advantage about qr coder TTO printer?

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What the advantage about qr coder TTO printer?

① TTO does not use word grains, so there is no need to arrange and adjust small word grains, thus avoiding the danger of word grains falling into food or breaking the film, and there is no cost of replacing word grains.

② because TTO adopts digital technology, the resolution of printed identification information can reach 300DPI, which can meet the advantages of online identification of production lines, and the printing quality is consistent and stable.

③ TTO is economical to operate, and can print  variety of informations, which can be combined with the customer's system solution to realize the function of anti-counterfeiting and anti-collision; TTO can be freely programmed and generate various data for each marking operation, and the high-resolution printhead can Special characters and barcodes can be printed out, and a large number of graphics or special characters can also be pre-stored in the library, and the codes can be automatically changed without downtime or human error, thereby maintaining a high level of production capacity.

④ TTO uses environmentally friendly ribbons, which will not pollute the environment and affect human health. As a result, in order to better respond to the country's green environmental protection policy, users prefer to buy and use TTO.

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